Zemanek-Münster - The Tribal Art Experts.

World-class art outside of the great centres of art

Zemanek-Münster with its’ headquarters in Wurzburg and representatives in Belgium / The Netherlands and the USA is considered worldwide as a specialist in non-European tribal art from Africa, Australia, Oceania, Asia and The Americas, We are exclusively auctioning world-class art objects, such as masks and sculptures, as well as ritual objects, ceramics, primitive money and jewellery. Together with Paris, Brussels, London and New York, it is today recognised as an international centre for tribal art in Europe and overseas that is outside the major art centres, but still incredibly well connected. Collectors and dealers worldwide appreciate the »Kunsthaus« for it’s professional competence, seriousness, thoroughness and reliability.

Dr. David Zemanek, doctor of ethnology, expert and internationally renowned in the tribal art market